Last update: Feb. 2015

Sunshine Martial Arts
Goju Ryu Karate

American Tactical Goju





General Information

Sunshine Martial Arts is a group of Martial Artists that provide training in multiple disciplines. Our main focus is Goju Karate. All of the instructors within our group are highly experienced with many years of teaching in their background.

Some of our instructors with Hanshi Carlos Montalvo.

Our goals include the developemnt of well educated Karate students, building good character, and very strong self-defense skills. Proper attitude is mandatory for development. Although some martial arts focus on the sport aspects such as tournament training we prefer to focus on real world skills development. This includes a strong emphasis on self defense, fighting abilities, and kata which is utilized for discipline and gives the student a fighting dictionary.

Potential students should understand that the belts in Karate come as by product of working hard work and learning the requirements for each rank. When a student reaches black belt they are really just starting to understand the basics and grow as a person. Black belt is the real beginning of the journey to self improvement. For the impatient this concept will be difficult. We do not sell rank or give it out easily. Everyone must earn their way.

The head instructor for the group is Sensei Jim Chambers who has been involved in the martial arts for over 40 years. Over 30 years have been directly within Goju. He has taught in dojo's across Florida including Palm Bay, Melbourne, Riverview and Gibsonton. He also teaches Kobudo. Weapons include Nunchaku, Sai, Tonfa, Long Bo, Short Bo, Kama, Short Stick, Sword and Yawara/Kubaton. See the instructors page for information about our other teachers.